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we believe that women should be offered equal opportunities and not discriminated against in society.

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About Foundation for Community Development & Empowerment (FOCODE)

At FOCODE, we greatly believe that Woman should be treated equally, offered equal chances, opportunities and there should be no discrimination against women in society. At FOCODE, we focus on social, economic, political and cultural empowerment of Women. Economically, we we work to empower women to participate equally in existing markets; increase access to and control over productive resources, access to decent work, control over their own time, lives and bodies; and increased voice and meaningful participation in economic decision-making at all levels.

Working with a variety of partners, FOCODE promote women’s ability to secure decent jobs, accumulate assets, and influence institutions and public policies that determine growth and development. One important area of focus involves advocacy to measure women’s unpaid care work, and to take actions so women and men can more readily combine it with paid employment. In all our work, we reach out to women most in need, often by engaging with grass-roots women’s groups and organizations. Particularly marginalized groups include rural women, domestic workers, some migrants and low-skilled women. We at increasing and having higher incomes for women, better access to and control over resources, and greater security, including protection from violence.

Our Vision

A society where Women Rights are respected, free of Violence, injustices and with empowered Women having control over resources and with dignified lives

Our Mission

To support women to achieve their full potential; to encourage, enable and facilitate their active involvement in business, employment, learning and community life.

Our Goal

To harness the economic power of women & communities, promote financial & social inclusion, address violence & injustices, as well as changing perceptions & influencing policy.

Our Programs

Women's Financial Inclusion and the Law Programme

Women’s decision making is limited by laws interfering with their economic activities. Such laws can affect women’s ability to save, borrow, pay or insure themselves against risk. Discriminatory laws can affect women’s demand for financial services.

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Women and the Environment Programme

Women play a critical role in managing natural resources on family and community levels and are most affected by environmental degradation. In communities around Uganda, women manage water, sources for fuel, and food, as well as both forests and agricultural terrain.

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Women and Climate Change Programme

Women have proven to be leading the way towards more equitable and sustainable solutions to climate change. Across sectors, women's innovations and expertise have transformed lives and livelihoods, and increased climate resilience and overall well-being.

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Women and Civic Space Programme

Over the last few years, the space for Women Human Rights Defenders has been shrinking. Government agents are using security policies, including counter-terrorism strategies and COVID-19 prevention measures to restrict public freedoms and the role of women’s groups and organizations.

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Women's Fund Programme

Under the Women’s Fund, FOCODE provides Small Grants ranging from $500-$1000 for Women’ s projects: The small grants are used to implement grassroots projects that empower women and girls in communities. Small Grants can be used to implement projects for empowering women and girls in the following focus areas;

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150 Women HRDs
10 Projects Done
15 Districts Covered
27 WHRDs Protected